Warhammer 40K Darktide Wiki

Main Objectives[]

During your mission, you will be presented with a series of tasks to do whilst progressing through. Some of these tasks are rudimentary such as going into an elevator as a group, enabling certain mechanisms, hacking or just finishing the mission and heading for extraction. Below is a brief description as to how these things work. Some are more complex than others, none are hard to learn.


The easiest part of the mission is that you will have to open / close certain doors, activate mechanisms and start procedures or just head into an elevator or scanning room to proceed further with the mission. For some of these tasks, you will have to come close to the thing you have to interact with before it shows the highlighted circle on it, showing where it is.

You cannot proceed in an elevator or scanning room unless all of your alive and non-incapacitated teammates are with you.

Some missions require player to interact with various switches/buttons to disable Skyfire Defences or must destroy various growths of a Daemon Corruptor to interact with an elevator or other form of machinery.

Other times, players might need to carry barrel-shaped object to a specified location. Such as gathering power cells, ammo containers, etc. in order to complete some form of objective (ex. open a door, lower a bridge, or extract). While carrying said object, you can sprint although it will drain your stamina quickly. You can also push enemies away which will also use stamina or you can throw the object. Although it shows a large ark when looking to throw it, it usually doesn't go too far.


Once you are done with all your tasks the mission requires you to do, you will head towards the extraction site, usually an elevator or platform eventually leading to a brief Valkyrie extraction cutscene.

Mini Games[]

Main objectives sometimes require players to interact with mini-games, such as during Data-Interrogations, where the player needs to use they're auspex to continue hacking a terminal or transfer data. A similar minigame is finding following a servo-skull, scanning locations, and uploading scan data to said servo-skull. The most recently added mini-game was the Biotic Probe



Hacking a terminal

One of the tasks you will be presented with in certain missions is "hacking". You will receive a mission objective to interact with a console which will then prompt up a device with strange symbols. This device has several rows with a square going from left to right, right to left over those symbols. Your goal is to move to the next row. In order to do that, you have to use left click to activate the highlighted symbol as the square passes over it.

Doing so will shift the square down a row and you have to repeat the former.

If you get hit while doing this or you close the menu, the device will reset and you will have to start over from scratch. This makes teamwork vital, it's useful to have someone protect you whilst doing this hack so as to finish it sooner.

Auspex Scan[]

Players will deploy a seeker servo-skull which will find scan locations for players. Once at a scan location, the players will be able to use their auspex to locate and scan various points of interest found by using a radar-like function by aiming with the auspex in hand. How many scan points per scan location depends on the mission.

Players can also "attack" with the probe, causing a light stagger on smaller enemies.

Biotic Probe[]

During the Hab Dreyko mission, 3 Biotic Probes are deployed to in order to poison the Phage Tree within Hab Laranax. Players must find the circle that is white 3 times to unjam the probe. Using the player's movement keys (WASD) they cycle through the circles. When hovering over a circle it will either turn red or white and give a distinct beeping noise respectively.

This minigame was added with the revamped version of the Hab Dreyko mission in the Path of Redemption update.

Mission: Secondary Objectives[]

When choosing certain maps to play in the game, you'll be presented with optional secondary objectives. Completing these objectives rewards you with additional XP and basic game currency. Scriptures and Grimoires can also fall under the category of Collectibles, like Heretical Idols and Martyr's Skulls.



Player holding one of the three scriptures

One of the side objectives are scriptures, able to be found and collected when exploring the map you are currently playing on. These items much like grimoires are usually placed outside of the main path. This means you'll have to do some light exploring around the map to find them.

The scriptures take up one of your inventory slots where you usually carry a medkit or ammo pack with you.

The scripture gives off a faint audio cue within a spherical radius of the scripture, assisting in location.



Grimoire located on the ground.

Grimoires can be found on the ground while completing missions which have the secondary objective of finding them. You have to find multiple grimoires spread across the map in various locations that are randomized each time you play the map. Picking one up will take up the inventory slot which usually a medkit or ammopack takes up.

The grimoire can be identified by a short range audio cue and faint green glow.

The Grimoire additionally causes a corruption-over-time effect that affects the entire team, creating an additional risk to forgoing the use of an item. A portion of your corruption can be cleared by destroying the Grimoire.

If you die whilst holding a grimoire, you will lose it and won't be able to pick it up again.


The rewards for collecting grimoires and scriptures appear to be the same for each, only differing in amount of currency and gold received by difficulty. They are as follows: